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Like it says on the can. Or in the title. Bourbon has been unfairly typecast in the Australasian region as scotch’s lesser educated country bumpkin cousin. We think that’s totally unfair on our old mate, bourbon so let’s go through 3 reasons why in a mini rebuttal (more in depth article to come).


  1. Bourbon has an equally rich history of immigrants and politics much like Scotch. Maybe not as long as a history but an amazingly vibrant - there are many podcasts that cover the history of bourbon so give your local search engine a going over. 

  2. Bourbon has variety. Some would argue that the laws around bourbon limit the amount of variance vs scotch and to an extent this is true however, in recent years there has been more innovation in the barrel finishes and mash builds. Bourbon is not what your parents thought it was anymore. 

  3. Bourbon in this part of the world is fairly priced. Unlike in North America, the knowledge of bourbon is relatively less than that of scotch/whisky and drives the price down as the Bourbon brands want market share but the relative volumes aren’t quite there...yet. It’s a great time to get in on the ground floor. 

So now you’re convinced you should give Bourbon another go since that university house party a million years ago you can’t remember most of. Here’s a few to float your boat...



Woodford Double Oaked - 43.2% - Imagine this were a donut. A cinnamon donut with dark chocolate, vanilla bean frosting eaten whilst sitting in an old leather chair. Let’s just all agree you want this. 


Buffalo Trace - 40% - 'This is mesmeric stuff. It is quite a dry bourbon, really. But there is just the right toffee presence to form the perfect balance. This is the whiskey I ask for first when in Kentucky and in search of something with a character and class of its own.' Jim Murray - Classic Bourbon, Rye and Tennessee Whiskey. 

Ol’ JM knows a couple of things about the whiskey but if that doesn’t convince you, perhaps this does - Double Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2016. - Gold Medal Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2017. - Gold Medal Los Angeles International Spirits Competition 2016

Middle earth 


Eagle Rare - 45% - 10yo Bourbon that’s consistently great. You pay for good age hence this being more expensive. Not much else to report here except - Silver Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020; Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019, 2016, 2015 & 2013; Gold Medal - World Whiskies Awards 2016



Blanton’s Straight from the Barrel - 61-65% - Flavour bomb. Caramel, rye spice, raisins in a power punch to your mouth. It’s a Bourbon drinker’s beastly buddy. Does well with a bit of water. We can’t really go further with the notes as it is a single barrel hence there’s a fair bit variance. Be rest assured it wouldn’t be released if owner Buffalo Trace didn’t think it was good enough. Think of it as a lucky dip of flavour where everyone wins to varying extents.  



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