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Our gin glass is your gin glass. Got it? Don't got it? Well then have we got a vid for you. Time experience a gin glass like no other kiddo...


Designed to bring out the best in an age of many modern gins, turn up the tone on the gins of old and elevate those gin cocktails like you have never tasted. Get those tunes on, chuck a shrimp on the barbie and don your finest sunglasses as...’s time to rediscover gin. 

This glass isn’t about exclusivity or high end design. It just wants to celebrate the work of all the master distillers helping to make our favourite cocktails and sipping gins so damn aromatic and tasty. What a time to be alive!



Gin's famous ingredient, the humble juniper berry, has been combined with alcohol as far back as 70 A.D. but a lot has changed since then.  In recent years, more and more boutique distilleries have popped up and are making amazeballs gins. We wanted to make a glass that payed homage to gins storied past and the boutiquey gins flowing from stills around the globe today.

And what of these aforementioned master distillers?

We sent in the cavalry, working closely with Four PillarsMargaret River distillery, West Winds and Healesville distillery along with R&D support from Distillery Botanica, Young Henry’s, Poor Toms, Loch and key bartenders/mentors like Dave Kerr (AUS), Kyle Ford (US), Tim Harris (US), Miles Macquarrie (US) and James Burchett (AUS) during development to make sure you punters get nothing short of amazing gin experiences in any form.


Four Pillars


Just think of all the many hours they whiled away drinking and experimenting with every variation of gin cocktail to ensure you’re able to get in and around them botanicals during your own happy hours of experimenting.


So how does it all work?

The cleverly considered funnel and smaller sized opening with respect to ice concentrates the smell, which increases as you go while enhancing the taste, taking you on a delectable journey for the length of your cocktail or sipping gin. Which won’t be long once you get started with this bad boy.



The glass is optimised for all your favourite cocktails such as G&T's, Martinis, and Negronis, as well as beautiful sipping gins with a block of ice. The glass will take you on a delectable journey for the length of your cocktail or sipping gin.


Function aside, they’re just so darn pretty. Each glass is hand blown in order to get to the specific dimensions and wall complexity required, resulting in a level of quality unmatched by machine. So there you have it - gin is bigger than ever before and this glass is your ticket to the show. Enjoy. 



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