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  • The 2nd Annual Captain's Log

    Comment December 10, 2020 By Denver Cramer

It’s time for our 2nd ever annual review in our 6th year of business. Yup, we’re a young company and if you want a super quick summary of our history, read last year's review here



So let’s address the elephant in the room. 2020. What a year. In Australia we started with horrific bushfires that caught worldwide attention. We had to do something for our country and many Australians felt the same. So much so we ended up running events under the banner of "In the Spirit" with so many awesome people in the US, Scotland, Australia and Mexico.  


We covered some of the normal content like live music, craft, podcasts, current affairs but this year was far from normal as March turned a dark corner, so did the rest of the world with Covid-19; speaking of which we published an article that is still apt today. 


I was discussing with a friend the other day, what if there was no 2020 and we just start it again or even erase it. Like the 13th floor in many old school buildings. 

Then we got all philosophical. What are we but the sum of our experiences? Where are we without destinations? Time for a sip (gulp) of whisky. And maybe a bourbon cookie. 


For our little company, 2020 was our biggest year to date. We sold out multiple times on multiple lines. Something clicked this year. You gave us more time. You had time and you gave it to us. That means so much. What an amazing moment in a rather dark year in many ways. You know, there are positives even if the news shows otherwise. 

We went on a journey from a world of human interconnectedness to another of cyber interconnectedness. We had to reconnect and we did. We all witnessed a transformation on a global scale.


We watched Jordan on Netflix with you, cooked Scotch Eggs with you and most directly, discovered so many great spirits with you. Some of those from our friends in our home country of Australia.


We even started an Instagram live show called 2 drams from literal isolation. An adaptation we hope you enjoyed from the comfort of your own home with so many amazing guests from around the world. "Necessity is the mother of invention". 



We can all look at 2020 with different eyes, and so we should. It was a year to reflect, to adapt and to live a little differently. We’ll never be the same, but we never were the same in the first place. 

Much love D&L


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