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  • Whiskies of year (and a beer)

    review December 19, 2019 By Denver Cramer

Whisky, whisky, you make me frisky... and hungry... and numerous times on a yearly basis. Hence, we may as well do this pick selection thing annually. Original I know, but hey you and I are used to this until we can come up with something else. 

So, let us begin. As this is our first ever annual whisk(e)y selection we're going to take a few liberties which you'll see and love and if you don't well, um well you well, um, you might not feel well (that sentence started so strong). 

We have 3 categories this year. Baller, Bros and Best overall. Baller is for those with too much money, have won the lottery, successful in business or you're a politician. Bros is for having with your Bros or Sisters. Had to go with Bros as it starts with a B and goes with the theme. This Bros category are at reasonable prices and are definite drinkers. Finally, the Best overall. Well, that's the best overall. Enough faffing. 


Baller. AUD 300-2000 USD 150-1000 


Glendronach 1993. Yup, that's right. We give you a specific bottling from that year and that was certainly intentional. We've written about this before on our Instagram so some of you might not be surprised at this selection but it was certainly time this received some sort of accolade. I have personally never tried anything from Glendronach from 1993 that was less than an 8/10. I have no qualms dragging a whisky through the mud when it's called for and that has garnered us some respect (from a base of zero ain't bad), but equally, I must give credit when credit is due and this year at Glendronach deserves that. I must point out that in the years 1992 and 1994, there was no significant differences in the process, staff or barrels so the only thing I can put this down to is the weather patterns of that year and potentially some yeast influence (Anyone not put the cover on the mash tuns or fix the roof?? Anyone?). Hard to say that over the course of so many years of aging that that one year would impart such subtle but magical difference but the proof is in the pudding and this is definitely one top shelf pudding. 


Bros. AUD 100-160 USD 40-60


Sonoma County Wheated Bourbon. Surprise packet to say the least. Ok I have to admit the branding isn't fully my cup of tea (but I still like tea). The previous label was more like vodka. Ask me in person my thoughts on vodka or this article may get taken down. Other famous wheated bourbons aren't really going to win any design awards either like Pappy and Weller but hey, we're not all about appearances are we. It's about what's inside. Well, that's what I tell myself before I go into the bar and then 2 drinks in...

Anyway...I love Weller. Any of them really. It's just pure delicious and so rounded like a worn, smooth river pebble warmed by the sun. It was even more lovely when I could rock on down to any store and pick one up for $30 USD. And then things went crazy. Really crazy. Thanks uncle Pappy. 

Fast forward to today and Weller is now on allocation even at the biggest stores. Everyone knows about it and just like Pappy, they buy it and keep it and I dare say, many bottles never get drunk. Tisk Tisk. Cue Sonoma County Distilling Co and head distiller, Adam Spiegel. Another fan of Weller but with actual powers to do something about the madness. Inspired by Weller, Adam has taken the original whiskey and put his flavor on it like Aretha Franklin with Otis Redding's song - Respect. He nearly added just as much soul into his wheated bourbon that you can't give him nothing but 'respect' for this killer drop. Go get it. 


Best Overall AUD $20 USD $10


Gueuze Tilquin à l’ancienne. Spontaneous combustion. Ahem, sorry we mean fermentation. It's divisive. It's acidic. It's an alcoholic kombucha and it's bloody beer. Yup, we're going with a beer as the whisky of the year this year. Why? Well, technically, every whisky is a beer at some stage in its life and we get to select the winner so there. And this is bloody good too but also very polarizing. It's a beer made from a blend of lambic beers aged 1, 2 and 3 years and then married for a further 6 months in the bottle. We're not going to explain the lambic process right now but you can click the word and you'll have an answer. Suffice to say, this ain't your regular beer but one that you may immediately spit out or blow your socks off. In any case, something will happen and it will be memorable. Unlike parts of this year.

Merry Christmas peeps and see you in the new year!



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